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  1. 2. Opal calls her father “daddy,” but thinks of him as “the preacher.” Sometimes she thinks of him as a turtle. Why does she use different terms for the same man? Which role does she think he prefers?

  2. 3. Winn-Dixie is ugly, smelly, and limping, but Opal knows within moments that she loves him with her whole heart. What makes him so irresistible?

  3. 4. Discuss the ten things Opal’s father tells her about her mother. What do they tell you about her mothers strengths? What do they tell you about her mother’s weaknesses? Do they help explain her actions, and why she left?

  4. 5. Discuss the Open Arms Baptist Church of Naomi. Does it live up to its name? In what ways is it similar or different from gathering places in your community?

  5. 6. Because she is losing her sight, Gloria Dump wants to see Opal with her heart (page 66). What does Gloria mean by this? Does she succeed? Do you think a heart can see more truly than eyes can?

  6. 7. Discuss the tree in Gloria Dump’s backyard. What hangs from the branches? What are the ghosts of Gloria’s past? How does the tree keep them away? What does the tree make Opal wonder about her mother and about herself?

  7. 8. Opal is fascinated by the story of Litmus W. Block, the great-grandfather of librarian, Franny Block. Why is his story so meaningful to Opal?

  8. 9. “Sometimes, it feels like everybody in the world was lonely,” Opal observes (page 132). What do you think? Are most of the characters in Because of Winn-Dixie lonely? Or is it Opal who suffers the most from loneliness?

  9. 10. According to Sweetie Pie Thomas, a party isn’t a party without a theme (page 141) – and books need themes too.In fact, good books can have several themes, and important ideas readers can take away. What are the themes of this novel?

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