Call for volunteers

As you all know, the library is a great place to go to learn new things, and we’d like to pack this summer full of educational opportunities.  If you have a skill or hobby that others might be interested to learn, we’d love it if you could volunteer your time and skills and lead a 1-2 hour workshop.  You can set the parameters- how many can attend and what age range they should be- and we’ll take care of the promotion and sign up.  We prefer activities that require not many materials, but that can also be negotiated.

So…gardeners, coders, crafters, writers, tinkerers, scientists, nature lovers, actors, photographers, hobbyists, and all others…the sky’s the limit!  Give us a call at 507-732-5211 or stop by sometime to let us know if you can help.  Let’s make this summer awesome!

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